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   Trainer:  Mark  Hadley


  About us

I'm who I am because of who she was

                     Our girl Jess.

Hello and welcome to Mark's modern dog training.

We are a small family run business.We believe in helping our local community and their dog's to live in harmony with one another.Our goal is to help educate you and your family to build a lifetime bond with your dog.

I am a member of the pet professional guild which promotes force free training this means no shock ,no pain, no chocking, no fear, no physical moulding and  no compulsion based methods are used to train your dog.

We've also had the privillage of helping and continuing to train a therapy dog for a local primary school.

This is having a huge positive impact on the primary school children and is indeed an asset to the teachers.This was made possible from the dedication from my younger sister Beverley my partner Claire,myself and the owner of the therapy dog.


 Our beautiful collie (x) Jess inspired me to become a dog trainer, Jess was a rescue dog but she rescued me more than I her.

Jess taught us how to read a dog's behaviour and from this we formed a remarkable bond which we truly grateful for.

Sadly Jess is no longer with us but we keep the memories and the vast amout of knowledge she shared with us.

I will continue to educate myself and learn new techniques to make living with your dog as enjoyable as it is for me with my own dog's.

Me and my team Claire Birtle and Beverley Lowe

Me and my dog's on our adventure walks

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Qualifications & Courses

2 Day career as a dog trainer (2012 with the IMDT)

4 Day practical instructor (2014 with the IMDT)

Principles of dog training and behaviour (2014 Gateway qualification IMDT)

Happy dog's training adventures 2016  (Nando Brown IMDT)

Happy recallers  (2016 Nando Brown IMDT)

Consultation and follow up report (Jo Rosie

Haffenden IMDT 2016)

4 Day advanced clicker skills, force free trick trainer (Nando Brown 2016)

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